EFISupply handles many popular sizes of high impedance fuel injectors. We have found that the sizes shown below are capable of supporting most applications up to 800hp. We suggest using our fuel injector sizing spreadsheet (requires Microsoft Excel) to determine which injector best meets the needs of your application. The EFISupply injector sizing utility calculations assume a maximum fuel injector duty cycle of 90%. In some cases base fuel pressures may be adjusted and higher maximum duty cycles may be employed to meet the needs of your application. For additional information, please contact our technical staff at tech@efisupply.com.
High Impedance injectors (use with Factory and aftermarket ECU's)
P/N 842 - 42lb/hr, set of 8
P/N 642 - 42 lb/hr, set of 6
P/N 442 - 42lb/hr, set of 4
P/N 836 - 36 lb/hr, set of 8
P/N 636 - 36 lb/hr, set of 6
P/N 436- 36 lb/hr, set of 4
P/N 830 - 30lb/hr, set of 8
P/N 630 - 30lb/hr, set of 6
P/N 430 - 30lb/hr, set of 4
(other injector sizes and brands are available, please contact tech@efisupply.com for pricing, or if particular injector style ie; large/small body, etc. is needed)

Special application high impedance injectors

(use with OEM and XFI Sportsman ECU's)

Deatsch Werks DV2 High-Flow High Impedance Injectors
P/N 16MX-20-1200-8, 1200 cc/min set of 8
P/N 16M-20-1500-8, 1500 cc/min set of 8
Click here to download Deatsch Werks DV2 lnjector White Paper
Deatsch Werks High-Flow High Impedance Injectors
P/N 18U-00-0078-8, 78 lb/hr set of 8
P/N 18U-00-0050-8, 50 lb/hr set of 8
Click here to open the efisupply injector sizing utility