FAST EZ EFI 2.0 Systems are now available!

ez efi 2.0


efisupply.com and FAST are proud to announce the new FAST EZ EFI 2.0 systems. The EZ EFI 2.0 systems build upon the popular attributes of their popular EZ EFI systems.

The Best Performing, Easiest to Setup, & Most Advanced Self Tuning EFI Kit on the Market.

No Experience, Dyno, or Laptop Required.

The original FAST™ EZ-EFI® changed self tuning fuel injection forever with the industry’s easiest carburetor-to-EFI conversion option. Now the EZ-EFI 2.0® has been upgraded with more features than ever before, while maintaining its ease of use that doesn’t require a laptop or tuning experience. It simply tunes itself as the user drives. Its eight-injector, die cast throttle body features late-model OEM sensors for accuracy and durability, supports up to 1200 horsepower (the highest on the market), includes ignition timing control and is able to run E85, E98 and E15 ethanol-blend fuels while competing versions cannot. It flows more air than the first generation EZ-EFI® throttle body due to an improved inlet, while a new secondary shaft throttle stop adjustment provides even more precise idle airflow adjustment and balance. Meanwhile, an industry exclusive and unique-to-FAST™ integrated fuel pulse damper creates ultra-precise fuel control. The EZ-EFI 2.0® also incorporates needle-bearing supported shafts instead of bushings, and an integrated fuel rail design with crossover for tighter packaging. Setup includes the market’s fewest connection wires, including a new high-quality wiring harness and a sleek mesh-type loom. 

The EZ-EFI 2.0® has an updated hand-held as well, featuring a color touch screen and an LED diagnostic feature that includes on-board diagnostics and EZ-Test™ Indicator Lights. Self-powered through the ECU, it shares the same mounting points as the Garmin Nuvi GPS, meaning there are nearly limitless mounting options. The FAST™ EZ-EFI 2.0® works with either generation of EZ-EFI® throttle body, multi-port systems, dual quad systems and Inglese™ throttle bodies, and is compatible with multiple fuel pump options including in-tank, inline, high-horsepower inline, return style and returnless style. Electronic fuel pressure measurement is standard on all kits, and each one works with a wet nitrous system. The EZ-Ignition™ features an EZ-Solution™ option, meaning that it can work with most common ignition systems, while precision control requires a FAST™ distributor or crank trigger. The patent-pending EZ-EFI 2.0® is 100 percent designed and engineered by FAST™ and includes a limited lifetime warranty backed by the industry’s most extensive technical support team.

  • Higher flowing & higher HP capable 8 injector throttle body, supports up to 1200 HP!
  • Updated hand-held features the industry’s only multi-color high-tech touch screen display, with Garmin GPS-Style suction cup mount
  • Market’s fewest connection wires with sleek OEM quality wiring harness with mesh-type loom
  • Able to run E85, E98 & E15 ethanol-blend fuels as opposed to competitor versions that cannot
  • Compatible with in-line & return or returnless in-tank fuel pumps
  • Fuel pulse damper creates extremely precise fuel control that always allows a returnless in-tank pump fuel system to be used. No charts or questions to qualify for returnless like other competitors.
  • EZ-Solution™ option to allows integration with most common ignition systems
  • Works with wet nitrous systems; nitrous timing retard and special nitrous A/F ratio targeting
  • Includes limited lifetime warranty & backed by the industry’s most extensive technical support

click here to download detailed EZ EFI 2.0 instructions (pdf format, 5.5MB)


FAST "EZ EFI" 2.0 TBI Systems
EZ EFI 2.0 Base Kit P/N 30400-KIT, without pump
EZ EFI Master Kit P/N 30401-KIT, w/ in tank pump
EZ EFI Master Kit P/N 30402-KIT, w/ in line pump
FAST "EZ EFI" 2.0 Multiport kits
EZ EFI 2.0 Multi port retrofit Kit P/N 30404KIT (click to learn more)


EZ-EFI Self Tuning Electronic Fuel Injection

For years racers have known that FAST fuel injection systems are an excellent choice for their high revving, nitrous oxide, supercharger and turbocharger equipped rides. The FAST classic and XFI systems have also found their way onto many street machines. Though these systems served their users well, the Engineering team at FAST saw that many didn't have a need for the advanced functionality of the XFI systems, nor did they want to undergo a more lengthy install which may require them to replace their intake manifold and ignition systems.

Many prospective user's reasons for making the switch to EFI are the result of a desire to get the throttle response, mileage and power benefits that result from the ability to maintain the precise air to fuel ratios an electronic fuel injection system is able to deliver. In addition to delivering the aforementioned benefits, the FAST EZ-EFI systems also put an end to changing jets every time the weather and/or altitude changes.

While competing systems employ 20 year old OEM technology ECU's, awkward, costly and fragile mass air sensors, and narrow band O2 sensors (great for mileage, but not helpful for tuning for power), the FAST EZ-EFI offers dyno proven performance that may only be obtained from a wideband O2 equipped, speed density EFI system. Only the EZ-EFI system is worthy to wear the FAST brand name. In addition to its technical advantages, all FAST efi products are backed by the resources of the COMP performance group. If you were ever to have a question about, or problem with an EZ EFI product you can be assured that you will receive the service and support you need.


click here to learn more about EZ EFI TBI sytems





FAST "EZ EFI" TBI Systems & Components
EZ EFI Base Kit P/N 30226-06KIT, w/out pump (click for info)
EZ EFI Master Kit P/N 30227-06KIT, w/ inline pump (click for info)

EZ EFI Master Kit P/N 30447-06KIT, w/ in tank pump (click for info)
EZ EFI dual 4bbl upgrade kit P/N 304155
550 hp pump kit (P/N 307503: pump, regulator, gauge, filter,-6 fittings & relay)
Pump hose and fitting kit ( P/N 307600: -6 fittings, 25' fuel hose & 1/2" clamps)
(Other compatible components may be available, please contact tech@efisupply.com for more information)


The EZ-EFI features an all new, patent-pending, self tuning control strategy. Simply hook it up, answer the basic setup Wizard questions on the included hand-held display and watch the system tune itself as you drive. Countless research and development hours were spent on a number of prototype test vehicles to develop a high-quality system truly worthy of the FAST brand.

Capable of supporting engines making up to 550 horsepower, the FAST EZ-EFI Self Tuning Fuel Injection System is a complete system which includes an ECU, wide-band oxygen sensor, wiring harness, fuel injectors, optional fuel pump kit and other assorted components, including an innovative 4150 flange Throttle Body. This Throttle Body delivers a total package approach for any 4150 (Holley square bore) type intake manifold. All necessary components are provided with the EZ-EFI kit, including appropriate fuel injectors and fuel rails. In addition, the EZ-EFI system works with original carb-style throttle linkage and is ready to accept all OEM sensors.

Installation of an EZ-EFI system can be completed easily in an afternoon and doesn’t require any EFI experience or expertise.

30226-06KIT, EZ EFI base TBI system (does not include pump/regulator kit)

System features:

-no tuning experience or laptop required (system is self tuning).
-Complete systems include ECU, wideband O2 sensor, wiring harness, fuel injectors, fuel pump and throttle body
-4150 throttle body works with original carb-style linkage and accepts all OEM sensors
-works on any engine up to 550 hp, regardless of brand or size. An ideal system for street rods & muscle cars


EZ EFI 2.0 complete multiport system

Contents include:

Billet throttle body w/ IAC and TPS, Multiport EFI manifold, fuel injectors, fuel rails, fuel pump/regulator system, EZ EFI 2.0 ECU & programmer, Multiport EFI harness, Wideband O2 sensor, MAP, fuel pressure air temp and coolant temp sensors


FAST EZ EFI 2.0 Multiport Systems
SB Chevy EZ EFI 2.0 Multi-port kit, max 550 hp 30412-05L (inline pump)
SB Chevy EZ EFI 2.0 Multi-port kit, max 550 hp 30412-05T (in tank pump)
SB Chevy EZ EFI 2.0 Multi-port kit, max 1000 hp 30412-10L
FAST Original EZ EFI Multiport Systems & Components
EZ EFI Multi-port retrofit kit (P/N 302000, conversion kit for stock and aftermarket EFI systems)
SB Chevy EZ EFI Multi-port kit, up to 600hp
BB Chevy EZ EFI Multi-port kit, up to 600hp, oval port
BB Chevy EZ EFI Multi-port kit, up to 600hp, rect. port
SB Ford (289/302) EZ EFI Multi-port kit, up to 600hp
Ford Windsor (351) EZ EFI Multi-port kit, up to 600hp
(EZ EFI systems are available for other applications, please contact sales@efisupply.com for more information)


ls transplant ez efi


FAST "EZ EFI 2.0" Systems for GM LS Engines
EZ EFI 2.0 Complete LS Multi-port kit, with EZ-LS controller and touchscreen (click for details)


EZ LS Product Details:

With simplified wiring and tuning flexibility, the FAST GM EZ-LS Ignition Controller Kit delivers low cost and proven ignition control for any LS engine swap utilizing a variety of FAST EFI setups. The kit works perfectly with FAST fuel control systems including EZ-EFI 2.0, XFI and XFI Sportsman. It utilizes a simplified plug-and-play wiring harness and a compact, waterproof ECU enclosure that make clean, professional installation a snap. In addition, this kit was engineered to utilize stock LS crank and cam sensors to save money and installation time. Four LED lights indicate that the controller is powered up and receiving signals. The kit is designed to be extremely user-friendly by offering a quick setup option that doesn’t require tuning or a laptop. However, for those that desire greater tuning control, the FAST™ GM EZ-LS™ Ignition Controller Kit can be custom-tuned via the EZ-EFI 2.0® hand-held (when hooked up to an EZ-EFI 2.0® ECU) or XFI™ C-Com® software connected to an XFI™ system. It works with all 1997-Current GM coil-near-plug ignition systems and both 24x/58x tooth reluctor wheels. Not compatible with LS truck-finned coils. Features & Benefits Summary:Works w/ EZ-EFI 2.0® & XFI Sportsman™
Simplified plug-and-play wiring & tuning flexibility
Extremely user-friendly quick setup option doesn’t require tuning or laptop
Works with all '97-Current LS coil-per-cylinder ignitions & 24x & 58x tooth reluctor wheels
Low cost & proven ignition control for any LS engine swap using FAST™ EFI setups
Can be custom-tuned via the EZ-EFI 2.0® hand-held or XFI™ C-Com® software
Not compatible with LS truck heat-sink equipped coils
Clean, professional installation is a snap


FAST EZ-LS Ignition module for GM LS Engines
EZ EFI EZ-LS Coil near plug ignition controller, P/N 301312E


EZ TCU Product Details:

W│Easy Electronic Overdrive Transmission Control • No Laptop, Previous Tuning Experience or Tuning Required

For computer controlled transmissions, nothing beats the new TCI® EZ-TCU™ by FAST™. No software, laptop or tuning experience is required. Simply install this transmission control unit according to the enclosed instructions, and then start the system by answering the simple Setup Wizard questions on the included hand-held unit. It’s that easy; the EZ-TCU™ does all the work for you!

│Optionally Programmable Based on Load, Speed & RPM • Stores (2) Custom Calibrations • Optional Paddle Shifter

The EZ-TCU™ is fully configured and ready to run right out of the box – no tuning necessary. But for those who demand customization, the unit is also optionally fully programmable based on load, speed and rpm. TCI® and FAST™ engineers took a page from the very successful FAST™ EZ-EFI® Self Tuning Fuel Injection System and designed the EZ-TCU™ programming interface to be completely intuitive. There is no real expertise needed if you want to custom program your calibration. The EZ-TCU™ is capable of real-time switchable calibrations, which allows for multiple setups. Run one calibration on the way to the track, and then with the push of a button, have a more aggressive setup ready for the race. The multiple shift modes include full manual mode for using bump or paddle shifters.

│Built-In Self Diagnostic Feature • INCLUDES: Trans Control Unit, Hand-Held Display, OEM-Quality Wiring Harness

Compatible with most popular GM transmissions, including the 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E and 4L85E, and the TCI® 6x Six-Speed Transmission. The EZ-TCU™ allows for maximum electronic control over shift points, shift firmness and shift speed. Self diagnostics allow users of every skill level to fully utilize the EZ-TCU™. The complete kit includes the transmission control unit, hand-held unit and wiring harness.

│EZ-TCU™ Information Summary:

No software, laptop or experience needed

Maximum electronic control over shift points, shift firmness & shift speed

Completely intuitive programming interface or optional fully programmable based on load, speed & rpm

Compatible w/ GM transmissions, including 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E, 4L85E & TCI® 6x Six-Speed

Includes transmission control unit, hand-held and wiring harness

Included hand-held can operate as electronic dash

Multiple shift modes include full manual mode


FAST EZ-TCU Transmission Controller
FAST EZ_TCU Electronic Transmisssion controller, P/N 302820