Big Stuff 3 EFI Systems


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Developed by John "Bigstuff" Meaney, the Bigstuff3 Gen3 PRO SEFI systems provide cutting edge technology to racers and street rodders thanks to the integration of many powertrain control functions (transmission control, COP ignition control, external parameter datalogging, etc..) into a single ECU (while functionally comparable systems require multiple units). The Gen3 Pro SEFI base systems include items shown above (ECU w/ preinstalled vibration isolators, Wideband O2 sensor, software, comm cable, injector harness and main harness).

All EFI systems purchased from include a ECU calibration matched to your application. We have developed a large library of naturally aspirated and power adder calibrations and are likely to have the file you need. If we don't already have it, we'll work with you to develop a new calibration for your combination.

We work hard to provide competitive pricing on our entire offering of aftermarket electronic fuel injection systems and components, if you find anything we sell somewhere else for less contact our sales staff at and we'll do our best to match or beat their price!

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Big Stuff 3 Systems
Big Stuff 3 Pro SEFI System-Base, DAI (w/ main & injector harnesses and NTK WBO2 sensor BS3-004-002)
Options (some options may not be combined. Contact tech department for details)
Option, Dual WBO2 (not available on coil per plug systems)
Option, DAE (External channel data logging)
Option, GM Electronic Transmission Control
Option, 16 injector control
Option, 16 injector, DAE & SR2
Option, Racepak Dash interface, UDX
Option, GM LS1/LS6
Option, GM LS2/LS7
Option Ford "Mod" motor, LS1 coils
Sensor Kit w/ GM 3 bar MAP, IAT, and ECT (boosted apps, up to 30psi)
Sensor Kit w/ GM 2 bar MAP, IAT, and ECT (boosted apps, up to 15psi)
Sensor Kit w/ GM 1 bar MAP, IAT, and ECT (Naturally aspirated apps)
Option, Racepak Dash interface, UDX
Option, Racepak Dash interface, VNET
Option, NTK WBO2 for Methanol
24T input trigger wheel/pickup kit (permits use of LS-1 kit on other applications)
Bigstuff 3 Replacement WBO2, Bosch
GEN3 PRO SEFI MWH - BASE (BS3-006-002)
(other options and accessories are available, please contact for more information)'s exclusive "turnkey" BigStuff3 kits include everything needed to convert carbureted Small & Big Block Chevys and Small Block Fords to EFI Includes: Bigstuff3 Gen3 Pro SEFI Fuel Injection System, aluminum intake, throttle body, fuel injectors, fuel rails, fuel pump kit, MSD Billet Distributor, sensors, wiring harnesses. Turnkey 550 and 1000hp systems include carefully selected & matched components remove guesswork while ensuring maximum performance. Photos coming soon. Systems are configured for random sequential operation. For full sequential operation, use of a crank trigger is required. Systems are available with datalogging, dash, transmission and dual Wideband O2 options listed above.

Bigstuff3 "Turnkey" Systems
SB Chevy, up to 550 hp P/N BS3-TK550-SBC
SB Chevy, up to 1000 hp P/N BS3-TK1000-SBC
BB Chevy Oval Port, up to 550 hp P/N BS3-TK550-BBCO
BB Chevy Oval Port, up to 1000 hp P/N BS3-TK1000-BBCO
BB Chevy Rect. Port, up to 550 hp P/N BS3-TK550-BBCR
BB Chevy Rect. Port, up to 1000 hp P/N BS3-TK1000-BBCR
SB Ford (302, 8.2 deck) up to 550 hp P/N BS3-TK550-SBF
SB Ford (302, 8.2" deck) up to 1000 hp P/N BS3-TK1000-SBF
SB Ford (351, 9.5 deck) up to 550 hp P/N BS3-TK1000-SBFW
SB Ford (351, 9.5 deck) up to 1000 hp P/N BS3-TK1000-SBFW
(Additional systems are available, please contact for more information)


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