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EFIsupply is backed by years of experience in the Automotive aftermarket. Chris Spies, owner of Midwest Turbo & Performance has been selling, installing and tuning Electronic Fuel Injection systems since the 1990's. Prior to opening MTP (Midwest Turbo & Performance, www.mtpturbo.com) he spent several years at ATI ProCharger developing and supporting the Automotive aftermarket's most innovative and powerful centrifugal superchargers. In his years spent supporting the racers in the field, Chris found many of them needing assistance with not only their supercharger systems, but their engine management, ignition and fuel systems as well. With a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering and more than 25 years of hands-on experience with racing engines, problem solving and troubleshooting engine management, ignition and fuel systems was a natural fit. Working with magazine editors and racers on the dyno and at the track enabled Chris to develop strong working relationships with some of the aftermarket's finest vendors in these categories, relationships which now enable MTP and efisupply to bring automotive enthusiasts the finest, most up-to-date products the aftermarket has to offer. Since departing ProCharger in 2004, Chris has operated MTP and has also penned several technical articles for the NMCA's FSC (Fastest Street Car) magazine. Though MTP has garnered a great amount of publicity in working with the racers and building/campaigning their own shop car, their "bread and butter" has been serving the needs of the mainstream automotive enthusiast. Though MTP continues to serve the needs of many enthusiaists, Chris found many customers were already well educated regarding the needs of their application and preferred to make their purchases online in a secure, e-commerce environment. efisupply was developed in response to the needs of these customers and others like them. In spite of tough economic conditions in 2009, efisupply as continued to grow and continues to be the web's premier source for efi systems and supporting components. We hope you'll find the efisupply online shopping experience to be a good one.

We've recently added a customer gallery featuring some of our customer's cars. We hope you'll find their projects as interesting as we do!

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If you have any questions or comments, we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact us at info@efisupply.com

If you would like to inquire about forced induction applications and hardware, we encourage you to visit the Midwest Turbo & Performance website where we feature a variety of forced induction components.

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